Sergiovanny Jimenez, Fitness Instructor

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Sergiovanny Jimenez

The first sport Sergiovanny was formally introduced to was Track and Field at 11 years old. Tall for his age, he developed a passion for running 100m to 400m. At 14 years of age and already standing 6 feet tall, he participated in High School American Football where he played the Tight End position, which demands size and speed.

Flashforward to college and he went on to become a DII Track and Field Athlete in the 400m, 200m and 4x400m events.

A couple of years later, he discovered the sport of Powerlifting. Utilizing his love of reading to understand the research around the strength and conditioning field and practical application of what he learned, he soon grew to enjoy the sport and the pursuit of strength. Constantly broadening his views on health and fitness, he enjoys the challenge of venturing outside of his comfort zone and learning through reading and experience. His goal is not only to help clients achieve their health, fitness or strength goals, but embrace a mindset that lets them succeed inside and outside the gym.

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