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Hello and welcome to another Monday morning sunshines!  

Today I would like to speak to you all about dun, dun, dun, "mindfulness". You hear about it, I talk about, we think about, then ignore it and go about our busy day checking things off the list, until we feel that exhausting, mind clouding, endorphin rush at the end of the day, knock out, wake up and do it all again “mindlessly” the next day, right?! Wrong...

WHY is mindfulness so important, for me personally and for my clients, as a coach and dietitian? Well, let me break it down for ya. 

Taking time to practice mindfulness and be present in the moment can lead to lots of health benefits. It does not need to be look upon as this “tedious” task, but something that can actually do to enhance our quality of living, becoming a helpful tool in making sure that we are running down the avenue every day that truly "fills our cup". Let me just start by saying, keeping your attention on just one thing at a time, can keep you more engaged in conversations with friends, it can help you eat slower (and maybe less), and it can help you ease tension & anxiety.

WHAT is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a practice that involves becoming more aware of the present moment by bringing your attention to your thoughts and senses. This can range from mindfulness meditation, which involves setting aside time each day to be still and listen to your body, or mindful eating, which is the practice of minimizing distractions during meals to pay more attention to how your food tastes, smells and looks. (Pro-tip: SO important for your digestion as well).

Think of this as a very simple way to bring together your mind and body to develop a more balanced relationship with ourselves, the food we consume and the beautiful world around us.

So, ladies and gentlemen! I compiled a couple easy ways that I (and you) can choose to stay mindful and present throughout my entire day, instead of letting my day run ME!

-          During the morning routine:

While brushing your teeth, as you sip on your morning coffee, or while you’re in the shower, really concentrate on what you’re doing. Think about the toothbrush running across your teeth, about the smell, taste, and feel of the coffee in your mouth, or about the water running over you in the shower. Focus on each step, rather than thinking about all the other things you have to accomplish that day. It’s a much slower, relaxed start to your morning.

-          On the commute to work:

Lots of people like to zone out on the way to work, whether that’s with music, podcasts or a book. I challenge you to try to tune into your surroundings at least one day this week ya’ll…. Look and observe the people around you, notice the smells and sights, take in the feel of the car you’re driving or the bike you’re riding, while you walk, feel the sun hit your skin and the breeze rush across your face. Strengthen your connection between your body and this earth.

-          (Here is a BIG one) As you eat:

If you’ve never heard me talk about eating mindfully, you are not listening to me…...the time is NOW! Next time you’re hungry and reach for some food, stop whatever else you’re doing. Instead of eating in front of your computer or while you’re on the phone, try quieting the mind and focusing solely on the food you have in front of you. Really taste each flavor you put in your mouth, chew slowly, and pay attention to textures, too. This will 100% help you get more in tune with your hunger levels and notice when you start feeling full as well as aid in the absorption of the nutrients and proper digestion of the food you are consuming. DO IT.

-          Before you go to bed:

Take just a few minutes before you slam your head onto the pillow to just SIT in bed, on the floor, on your patio, in your lovers’ arms and just breathe. Focus in on how your body feels, use this time to calm your mind, belly breathe and try to get rid of negative thoughts from the day or any stressors still weighing on your shoulders. When you feel mentally at peace, you just “might” sleep better. And you all KNOW just how I feel about sleep and its vital role in our physical and mental health goals. 😉

There we have it! Let’s talk about this. Keep the conversation going. Try creating your own “mindfulness mantra” and repeat it to yourself when you’re feeling stressed, sad or anxious to implement mindfulness wherever you are. This is a simple way to practice “mind over mood” and start your day with a dose of increased awareness and positivity.

“Be here now.” “Today is a good day.” “I’m strong and confident.” “You’ve got this.”

No really, you’ve got this. I love, adore and cherish you all. Give someone a hug today, smile at a stranger, give yourself grace. Until we speak again, besos!

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