Motivational Monday's (8/12/19) "wellness"

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Motivational Monday's (8/12/19) "wellness"

Happy Monday my lovelies!

In the last couple of months, I have been doing tons of research surrounding the true meaning of “wellness”, for myself and for those who come to me in need of finding the same for themselves.

I have found that from having a tiny moment of clarity every time you stress and want to revert to a coping mechanism, to chewing your food to improve digestion, being mindful of the way you see and experience things can help you succeed in leading a healthy lifestyle. As we all know, none of us are the same, and we all have different motivations and incentives that drive us. Today I would like to explore some “wellness” practices that I have been incorporating when necessary and that hopefully you can integrate into your daily, weekly, month routines, to help you ensure some positive habits become permanent parts of your life.

1.       Assess and REassess your “why” as often as necessary – No matter what your currently stated goals are, often often OFTEN, assess and reassess your WHY. Getting rid of constant headaches, regulating your appetite, increasing your sex drive, becoming more active or mindful, ask yourself; What is the REAL reason behind your motivation to achieve a certain goal?

2.       “Journal” WRITE it down – Yes, a little self-reflection is key to checking in with your feelings, and circling back to understanding your “why.” Journaling is a great way to practice self-reflection and assess all the intrinsic and extrinsic motivators that have drawn you towards your goal in the first place. You don’t have to have a type A personality to appreciate the power of journaling. Writing down everything from your to-do lists to your thoughts and feelings can help you gain a new perspective that inspires growth. It’s worth noting, though, that journaling needs to have focused thought in order to have meaning and positive benefits. Ask yourself: What am I proud of myself for doing today? What has gone right? How did I move the needle? You should also write down your concerns, frustrations, fears, and complaints, but use the practice of jotting them down as a cleanse. The simple act of reading them and asking yourself, ‘Is this really true?’ can help you clear the decks and see things with fresh eyes. Then, it’s important to ask yourself, “What is one thing that will help me keep going and work towards my goal?” They key is to set an intention.

3.       HUGE - Embrace failures and LET GO of the “guilt” associated – I know the whole “think positive” thing is so “cliché” but it works for a reason — you only are as positive as your thoughts. You need positive thoughts to push positive behavior and habits, and that’s why it’s so important to turn failures into learning experiences in the end. How can you see a situation differently? Assess what brought you to this conclusion and what situations drove you to a negative thought pattern. Then, acknowledge these thoughts and treat yourself with kindness. It is way too easy to beat yourself up but try to focus on what you have accomplished and what has worked for you. For example, if you slipped up and “gave in” to a craving, steering you away from your stated goals, turn it into a positive thought about loving your body through all the ups and downs and all of its strengths, weaknesses, beauty and flaws.

4.       Practice gratitude and grace – for your mind, body & spirit – Sometimes, it’s easy to get wrapped up about what you don’t have or haven’t achieved then it is to be thankful for the progress you’ve made and what you’ve benefited from making positive life changes. Instead, the next time you go for a run or do a workout, thank your body for not giving up and give it the appropriate love, rest and rejuvenation it deserves for getting you through it. Thank your body for the gift of health. Remember to thank your partner, family, and friends, too. Studies have shown that showing gratitude has long-term benefits for your health and well-being. Expressing gratitude can also increase hope and optimism, as well as contribute to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Try to tap into how you want to feel once you’ve reached your goal. Sometimes our nervous system doesn’t know when something is real or imagined, so use positive thoughts as a way to help you envision what it would be like to reach your goal before you even achieve it.

There you have it! As you begin to adopt optimal habits in your life and for YOU, be sure to thank and be kind to your mind, body and others along the way. Do not be afraid to lean on me for support or those shoulders of family, friends or loved ones. People really do want to be here for one another. <3 

What is your “why”?

How does journaling help you assess your TRUE goals?

In what ways do you practice gratitude every day?

What are some strategies and tips you use to help you tap into your different motivation factors?

Do you thrive off of fear or inspiration?

Are you truly doing it for yourself or others? 

Let us start thinking & talking ….


Coach B

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