Motivational Monday's (9/9/19) Topic: Part 2 - Macro Nutrient

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Motivational Monday's (9/9/19) Topic: Part 2 - Macro Nutrient

Hello and Happy Monday lovelies!

Today my friends, we talk Part 2, in our “Macro” Nutrient Series! Today’s Macro – Carbohydrates!

 **If you missed Part 1 on “Fats” I will link it here for you to go back and review, DO IT!  Click Here

From my perspective, consumption of all three macronutrients – protein, fat, and carbohydrates – get taken to extremes when it comes to our health. However, all three macronutrients are incredibly important and vital to our health. With that said, far too often you hear extreme examples of macronutrient consumption like no-carb and high-carb diets, both of which have no middle ground, little flexibility, and limited longevity.

Today I want to explain what carbohydrates are (w/o diving too deep into the Scientific’s), how they function in our bodies, why you need carbohydrates, healthy food sources of carbohydrates, and storage of carbohydrates.

What do I consider a “healthy” carbohydrate in terms of whole foods? Basically any all forms of Fruits, Vegetables, Starchy Vegetables, Beans, Lentils & Whole/Ancient Grains!

What do our bodies use them for? Carbohydrates are our body’s preferred use of energy. Our brains, muscle tissue, and cells all utilize carbohydrates in different amounts and ratios.

·         The Brain – Here it is you Carb haters! Guess what?!?! The preferred energy source for the brain is solely carbohydrates. In fact, the brain utilizes about 60% carbs at a resting rate (i.e. when you’re just sitting around!). The body can create glucose even when there is little present from food. BOOM! Do not fear me!

·         Our Muscles – Muscles, including skeletal muscle and also muscles like the heart, use carbohydrates as fuel. Muscle has the unique capability to store excess carbohydrates of up to 1200 kcal in the form of glycogen. Because it can store glycogen, muscle is always “ready” for action, but when at rest your muscle prefers to burn or use fatty acids. Which is why my friends, the more “active” you are, the more your body uses, wants & NEEDS them to recover, restore and build!

·     Organ Function – The Kidneys use carbohydrates to perform many processes that help our bodies get rid of what we don’t need and excrete as urine. Kidneys also filter and reabsorb nutrients and minerals we can use again or are in need of like sodium, glucose, etc. The liver uses glucose for energy to process and metabolize everything we put into our bodies from glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids.

“Ive heard we do not NEED carbohydrates to survive, you are telling me this is not true?!” I am going to say this super loud and super clear. Technically, NO! The human body can survive off other energy sources like fatty acids and amino acids, BUT it does prefer carbohydrates, and most dietitians, nutritionists, including myself, would recommend that you consume them.

Super Important** How many carbohydrates you need depends on your genetics, age, gender, lifestyle, activity level, injuries, disease states, etc., and all play a role in how many carbohydrates your body needs to fuel.

Carbohydrate intake is based on individual needs and bodily preferences. There is a time and place for slow acting, complex carbohydrate as well as our quick burning, simple carbohydrates but being able to control refined and simple carbohydrate intake and use them strategically is the key!!

Carbohydrates can be used strategically by timing carbohydrate intake with your workout and training schedule, keeping in mind the rest of your meal plan and total macronutrient intake. This kind of carbohydrate consumption to meet training or weight loss goals can be fine-tuned with the help of a dietitian or nutritionist professional, AKA me!

I am here, to talk to each of you individually to determine YOUR body’s needs, by determining which (quality) types of carbohydrate your body likes best and (quantity) how much. We are all unique vessels and we all require different amounts of carbohydrate as fuel, day by day, month by month, year by year etc. Don't fear carbohydrates. Enjoy them from whole food sources like grains, veg, starchy veg, fruit, and legumes! 

All my love, 

Coach B

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