Motivational Monday's (10/14/19) Topic: "dieting”

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Motivational Monday's (10/14/19) Topic: "dieting”

Happy Monday my lovely people!

Get ready for a tangent ya’ll! Just wait, it will be worth it, I promise. :) 

Most of you think I hate the word “diet”. Not true. I do not encourage using the phrase “dieting” or “going on a diet”. Why? Because it simply implies that you are going to start something and then stop….  do we see the problem here?

Not only do most people go into “dieting” with a head space full of self-hate and ridicule (which is a whole another important subject on its own) but even further, most of us go into a very ill balanced, unsustainable way of approaching a new “diet” or way of feeding our bodies to try and produce a result that may or may not be what we were really looking for in the first place just to eventually “fall of the wagon” if you will (due to many MANY factors unsustainability causes our mental and physical state) and oh look, we are not so conveniently right back to where we started… (insert face palm here).

That being said; the word “diet”, I use frequently, we all have one! It looks different for each of us but alas we ALL have a diet, that is ours and ours alone! It is all about creating one that gives YOU a sustainable happy, healthy, energetic life for the very long future ahead of you!

Even further, as a “lifestyle” and nutrition coach, I do not condone not using the phrases (dieting or going on a diet or 30 day challenge or sugar free 30 days or sober September, you catch my drift..) because what we SHOULD be looking for is a way to talk and think about what we REALLY want from this life, and then SLOWLY adjusting our personal diet and lifestyle to MATCH that of what we are really looking for both mentally and physically, for the VERY long term. <3  

Now that we have touched on the importance of the why “dieting” isn’t the most optimal approach to any long-term change we originally set out to make. I would like to take the time to explain what happens when we try to put our brain and bodies through the process of “going on a diet”. Most dieting, for the sake of the example of reaching a societal ideal, includes calorie deprivation. When your body is calorie deprived, a few things may happen physically and mentally.

  • levels of leptin (the satiety hormone) decrease
  • levels of ghrelin (the hunger hormone) increase
  • ability to burn calories decreases
  • mentally, “dieters” become fixated on food
  • attention and focus leans towards anything related to food
  • the negative metabolic effects of chronic dieting can last years later… (fantastic, just what I was looking for…. NOT.)

Long story short. We all have unique lifestyles and bodies to honor and most “diets” out there trending doesn’t take into consideration other pillars of our mental and physical health.

Let me ask you this. If you were able to push aside the images or words you may associate with the word health, influenced by external sources, how then would you define health, healthy, or goal weight? What words, feelings, or phrases might you express if you defined these words unique to your life and body?

It ALL starts with a commitment to self-love. Let us be free of “diet culture”. Let us build a lifestyle that then builds a body that FEELS both internally and externally at peace.

I adore you all!

PS – Hug yourself for me today. <3 I promise, you won’t regret it.


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