Thoughts on new Netflix Documentary, “The Game Changers” – by Henry Toraño

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Thoughts on new Netflix Documentary, “The Game Changers” – by Henry Toraño

“The Game Changers” has spiked quite a bit of interest lately on the possibility of adopting a plant based diet. As many of you know, I have vehemently opposed this idea. I’ve read a good number of books, looked at studies, talked to fitness professionals, and consulted with functional doctors surrounding the idea and EVERY TIME it’s the same consensus: Humans need ample quantities and variety of vegetables as well as good quality animal protein sources to support performance and optimal health (they’re not the same, but in this case, the same applies to both). This documentary is no different. Here’s a couple points to consider:


1. James Wilkes (producer, narrator, and star of the film) has is very own testimonial of physical health improvements after adopting a plant based diet. But what did he eat before? I don’t know the answer to this question, but my point is, that aspect is never discussed. They make it sound as if “meat eaters” are the very same person. What I DO know is that the vast majority of the studies that look at the benefits of a plant based diet compared to an animal product based diet are looking at the AMERICAN STANDARD DIET. This does not take into account food/meat quality nor a gleaming absence of vegetables, and in most cases, alcohol consumption and even smoking! So back to my original question, could it be that James Wilkes is feeling so much better after turning veg because before he was eating Big Macs and Popeye’s? If not him, could this be the case for the general population? It’s only a rhetorical question for most of you, but I’ll answer based on my experience and after having seen THOUSANDS of food logs from clients: Most people really do eat shit quality food!!! Furthermore, look up Mr. Joseph Pace. He’s the author of a book titled “Vegan 2018”. This is his story of how he went from being a fast food junkie, to vegan, and VOILA, feeling much better. Oh, also, Joseph Pace is producer and Co-Director of this film (yes, The Game Changers).


2. Epithelial Walls of arteries test. 

I’ll admit, I found this extremely interesting. This is the blood test that they perform on the 3 NFL players, after eating meat based burritos vs vegetarian burritos. 2 hours after the meal blood samples after veggie burritos look clear compared to murky samples from meat burritos. First, I’ll say that I had never seen this test performed, I don’t even know what they do to that blood or if its reliable. But it seems legit. After a meat based meal, epithelial walls may get thicker and restrict blood flow. But really, so what???? This only happens for a certain period of time, and then it goes back to normal. The reason why I find this interesting is because it suggests that one should not eat high saturated fat protein prior to work out or competition. But if you’ve ever worked with me on nutrition protocols, you already know that my recommendations on pre-workout meals very clearly suggest to have a lean protein, low fat, higher carb meal in those scenarios. But does that mean you should NEVER eat a ribeye????


3. There’s Elite level athletes that have been on a plant based diet for years. I find it extremely interesting that 2 of the mentioned athletes are Carl Lewis and Kendrick Farris.

Carl Lewis is known for controversy after failing several drug tests, including 3 failed tests in the 1988 Olympics…. Not making it up, Google it….

Kendrick Farris was a meat eater all his life, the went veg, and COMPLETELY faded from the WL scene…. Just saying….

Lastly, while I think its fantastic that these athletes found a nutrition plan that works for them, it’s literally a handful. How about the other million athletes who eat meat and ALSO smash world records???? How come they didn’t die before their feats of athleticism????


4. Arnold, The Governator…..

Long time meat eater and spokesperson for “real men eat meat”. Did you notice that all his endorsements were for fast food companies, NOT Grass Fed/Finished Beef? But also, heavy drug user for years. Do you have any idea how much stress that put on his liver and kidneys? It should then be no surprise that he’s feeling so much better after going vegetarian and allowing his organs to rest. An oh by the way, it’s been widely documented that Arnold describes as “mostly vegan”. He recently clarified on the Howard Stern Podcast than he only eats meat in the weekends. Some vegan….


6. Patrick Baboumian – very strong dude, I mean, he can flip a car. Now, do you think that if he had a steak meal he wouldn’t be able to do that????? Come on……


7. Erections

Pretty cool test, the guys got a huge crack out of it. First and foremost, even the guy who runs the test says it’s not medically backed. Second, look for all the information you want about the reason for nighttime erections. You will come to find that there is NO clean explanation for it. Did you know that this doesn’t happen to men alone, women also experience several clitoral engorgements several times during the night? I don’t mean to digress, but just want to clear up that these episodes are not a sign of masculinity or male virility. In reality, the apparatus used to measure erection duration and firmness is used for patients who are experiencing erectile dysfunction. In MANY cases, these men are in fact, getting their erections at night. If they can’t make it happen when it counts, this would indicate that it’s not a physical issue, but rather psychosomatic. My point here is that erections while you’re sleeping mean nothing if you can’t get one when you want it. So, not much of a metric for manliness, if you ask me.


8. Nutrient availability

In spite of what the filmmakers want you to believe, you CANNOT find adequate levels of essential amino acids in plant based foods. You can find small amounts in some plants, mainly wheatgrass, soy, and quinoa. While there’s simply not enough in those foods, abusing any of the 3 will lead to more severe health issues since they all contain fairly high levels of lectin, which promote systemic inflammation. In fact, if look at the work of more reputable vegan sources, such as Joel Kahn and Steven Gundry (both MD’s) you will see that they actually recommend you stay away from the 3 mentioned plant sources. They will also very clearly say that you cannot be a healthy vegetarian without supplementation. I’m not only talking about essential amino acids, but many more. See the list here:


And guys, there’s no B12 in water, this is HORSE SHIT!!!!! On the flip side, I don’t need to be reminded of all the nutrients in plants that cannot be found in animal products. I well aware of the fact that we need to consume plant based products. I just happen to believe that we also need animal protein.

Do you really believe that nature intended for us to develop supplements in the 20th century so that we could thrive as healthy vegans?????


9. Animal rights/ Tennessee Titans

I know you may think that these 2 points don’t go together, but I’ll make the connection, bear with me. I completely agree in humane conditions to raise animals and slaughter them. In no way to I think that this is not a problem or that it comes with the territory. I’m quite the animal lover myself. But I truly believe that we were meant to be omnivores and I simply do not think that mankind should continue to see chronic disease continue to rise in order to save cattle. Im also in 100% agreement that we must respect endangered species, especially if they’re being hunted down for one particular part and not for food. I can’t remember his name, but the ex-military dude who’s in the forefront of the movement in Africa said that he’s now a vegetarian because he feels that saving one animal to eat another is hypocritical. In come the Tennessee Titans crew. They’re eating veggies burgers, vegan mac and cheese, and vegan cheesecake. All of which are plant based imitations of animal products. Do you not think this is hypocritical????? How can you get on a high horse and preach that meat will kill you but then try to make all your food look and taste like meat/dairy???? WTF!!!!!

Like I said before, I’ve done my due diligence in researching both sides of this argument. Im exposing what I believe to be true based on my studies and experience. I don’t expect you to just take my work for it, but please, PLEASE don’t take this documentary’s word for it either. Take them time to look into real information, from both sides, before you make up your mind on where you stand. Here’s some for you:


Pro Plant Based:

The China Study

The Swiss Secret

The Plant Paradox


Lights Out


Pro Animal Foods Consumption:

The Vegetarian Myth

Wired to Eat

Calories In, Calories Out

Why We Get Fat


To be clear, I would NEVER say that the right way is to go full carnivore diet. I completely agree that we need to include LOTS of plant based options in our diet. But, we also need animal protein.

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