Motivational Monday's (12/16/19) Topic: GOALS

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Motivational Monday's (12/16/19) Topic: GOALS

Good morning all, 

Are we ready to end the 2010's with a bang!? Let us talk today about keeping our "GOALS", mind and body front and center while traveling. Whether that be while traveling over the holidays or vacations planned at any point during the year! How in the world do we explore, travel AND stay on track with our fitness and nutrition goals that we have set for ourselves while we are out of our usual day to day routines i.e. comfort zones?! 

Simply put, it is not easy but can be very worth it depending on what is truly most important to you! Only you can decide how dialed in you want to be while you travel. It really is up to you. You and only you have control over what goes into your body, the amount of sleep you get every night, staying properly hydrated and the activities you choose to participate in while you are away from home! This leads me to a couple of ways that I personally keep in mind to help me stay honest with myself and my body while I am traveling, whether it be for work or for pleasure! 
  • ALWAYS have water with you, my hydro-flask goes absolutely everywhere with me. Airplanes, restaurants, shopping, EVERYWHERE. 
  • Pack healthy snacks for the flight, car ride, hike, tour, boating day WHATEVER! You never know when hunger will strike. I would much rather know that I have an optimal choice in my bag than grabbing the first thing I see at the convenience store because I am ill-prepared and ravenous. (Whatever you normally snack on, bring with you!) Who the hell cares if people look at you funny. At the end of the day, YOU will have the last laugh, not them, trust me. 
  • Share dishes when you eat out! Think about it, you can try more new things AND you are more likely to be conscious about how much you are eating because you are "sharing" with other people. It's a win-win! 
  • Do your research ahead of time. If you are traveling for work or for pleasure. Always know where some juiceries, health food stores etc. are in relation to your hotel. This will make things a lot easier if you don't feel like packing snacks with you and you are in need of a quick, less indulgent meal. 
  • This one is SO SO SO important. Stay ACTIVE!!! Walk absolutely everywhere that you can. Forget that $15 uber ride, WALK! Chances are you are not training as often as you would whilst you are home, so do yourself a favor, explore the cities you are going to by foot instead of by vehicle, DO IT.
  • I try and find a gym to stay on track with my training as much as I can. HOWEVER, I know everyone is different here. As much as I talk about trying to maintain this routine while you travel, I know it is not going to work for everyone. That being said, please try and fit in even a small workout every day or most days when you can (even if it's just a bodyweight routine in your hotel room, I am MORE than happy to program travel workouts for my clients when given the notice) the volume adds up, makes a huge difference and starts your day off feeling centered, in control and on track with your goals!
  • This last one is a big one for me. Start the day off on the right foot nutritionally! ALWAYS eat a nutritious, well-balanced breakfast. You are always always always more inclined to keep up the healthy eating when you start the day off well-fed, with all the right foods that make your body feel energized, fueled and ready to take on the day of adventure!
There is much more where this came from but I didn't want this post to turn into something longer than it already is. <3 As always, reach out to me with any questions/comments/concerns etc. I am all ears! 

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