Motivational Monday's (2/03/20) Topic: Sugar Hangover

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Motivational Monday's (2/03/20) Topic: Sugar Hangover

Happy Monday everyone! 

Today I want to address the not so often talked about, "Sugar Hangover". Let's get real, real here. If you’ve ever woken up in a pile of junk food wrappers (no judgment) —or just, you know, overdone it on Halloween candy in a less dramatic fashion—you may be familiar with the feeling of a sugar hangover. The unpleasantness you’re left with several hours after going all-in on sweets (headache, fatigue, shakiness, general crappiness) can feel eerily like a booze-induced hangover. But what causes this cascade of awful symptoms? I want to talk about it, because guys and gals, it's real and really important for us to know why this happens and what it does inside our body when we ingest too much sugar! 

Consuming a high concentration of simple carbohydrates (like candy) can cause a very rapid and dramatic uptick in blood sugar than complex carbs (like brown rice for example). The extent to which your blood sugar changes is different than if you were to consume a well-balanced meal. A well-balanced meal usually contains some form of complex carbohydrate in which your body breaks down more gradually, as well as protein and fat to further slow that carbohydrate absorption.

Even if you devour a ton of simple sugars, your blood sugar should stay in a technically normal range because your pancreas will then produce insulin to help convert it into energy. BUT you will still have a relatively large flux in your glucose levels. Soon after eating a lot of sugar, you may feel an initial jolt of energy, especially if your blood sugar was on the low side before eating. After that, though, you may feel the start of that “sugar hangover” we know and hate, thanks to modest symptoms of high blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, such as fatigue, joint pain via excess inflammation and swelling, headache, and increased thirst. 
The similarities of consuming too much liquor and too much sugar are VERY similar, rightfully so, as liquor is converted into sugar in the bloodstream. Let's not "sugar coat it, pun intended. They can both be considered poisons to the body, especially when consumed in high quantities. 
So how do we go about offsetting the damage when we have (hopefully sparingly) done when over-consuming liquor or sugar consumption, waking up feeling like we got hit by a Mack truck?! Simple. 
  • Easy one. GET hydrated!! Yes, even when its a sugar hangover and not a liquor triggered hangover. Try drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon to detoxify the body and get the juices flowing! 
  • Please do not just go consume more sugar with a huge brunch buffet... IE pancakes, bacon and a bloody mary. You are not curring a sugar hangover with the "hair of the dog" OR more simple sugar consumption!! Eat! But eat a balanced me full of quality protein, healthy fats and lots of fibrous veggies to balance your blood sugar.
  • Last but certainly not least. Move. Your. Body. Exercise as we know, will get you feeling energized, help you sweat out the toxins, increase your much-needed thirst for water and electrolytes and will boost those endorphins getting you feeling back to where you want to be. Win, win, win, WIN. 

There you have it! I want to make it VERY clear that I am by no means saying that we need to say NO to treats every time one is presented to us but just like anything we do in life, Moderation and Balance are King. Do not use and abuse this body, listen to it, it will tell you when it's not happy and when it does listen up and LEARN. You only have one, please treat it with the love and respect it deserves. <3

Have a fantastic week everyone! Saludos! 


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