Motivational Monday's (2/4/19)

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Motivational Monday's (2/4/19)

Happy happy Monday all, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

Today is a VERY important subject matter that I need all of your eyes and ears for, its a semi long read (sorry not sorry) it's worth every minute! 

Today my friends, we talk about POOP. Yep, regular, consistently good looking bowel movements. We are going to discuss the very vital role healthy bowel movements play in keeping us in the KNOW as to whether or not your body is truly operating at its best. HAPPY BELLY = HAPPY BODY. 
  1. What is a "normal" bowel movement? Normal is all relative, so what matters is how "consistent" your bowel movements are. I often times consider that normalcy would be using the restroom at LEAST once a day, if not twice, depending on the amount of food you consume, digestive capacity, metabolism, etc. Also, I encourage all of you to ask yourself, do I feel great and “light” after your bathroom break? If so, that’s a good indicator you "eliminated" completely.
  2. What is a "healthy" bowel movement? Just as the word “normal” is relative to each individual, so is the word “healthy” when it comes to all areas of health, including bowel movements. But across the board, a healthy bowel movement is one with ease, "walk in, walk out", if you will. For example, you know how there are commercials, TV shows, or books made for bathroom reading? My question is, what in the world are these people doing?! If you have a healthy bowel movement, you should listen to the urge, walk in the bathroom, go, and sometimes leave just as quickly as if you were urinating. If you find yourself straining or sitting on the toilet for a long time, something isn’t normal or healthy with your digestive system and I highly would highly recommend reaching out to me OR your physician, if you do not feel comfortable with me, which I doubt, is the case BUT either way, it should be addressed and not overlooked. Pay attention! 
  3. What do you look for to know you have a healthy digestive system? (see Bristol Stool Chart attached) The answer is, literally, look. I know it’s not a hot topic to discuss guys/gals, but looking at stool can tell us so much about our health and what’s going on with our gut from stress, exercises/lack of, to our body’s ability to absorb and digest! The attached is a way of classifying bowel movements based on a variety of characteristics including color, shape, and ease. Take a look EVERYONE, do not neglect your stool, it tells many tales! 
  4. Ways to improve your bowel movement patterns and consistency? A lot! 
  • First one is obvious, nourishing your body with plenty of whole foods each day that are loaded with fiber, minerals, and vitamins, then first take a look at what you’re eating.
  • Second, if that’s in place and you feel your diet is great, what about exercise? Movement helps our body move in many ways, including our digestion, so get moving! (You all know I want movement, as much as humanly possible)
  • Third, find ways to help you de-stress (I can help with this). Chronic stress is a huge factor in digestive issues for those who suffer from IBS but all of us can experience an “off” feeling in our gut from stress.
  • Fourth, supplement! There are some supplements I recommend to clients to give them a head start such as Naturally Calm, which is a nice magnesium drink (I have most likely recommended to all of your thus far) that helps soften stools while you sleep without any laxative effects (unless you take too much). Vitamin C daily can help naturally soften stools as well, and so can taking MCT oil daily in your tea or coffee. 
  • Fifth, drink that water!!!! Dehydration is a huge culprit of constipation and long bathroom breaks. Aim to drink at least a couple liters of water a day depending on things like, how much you sweat, and what color your urine in (goal is clear to light yellow)
  • Sixth, lay off the constant cups of coffee. What you probably already know or maybe not, is that coffee increases peristalsis in our gut (i.e. makes us go to the bathroom), but it can also be a cause of dehydration and can stress our bodies and adrenals out if you’re already under stress. Think of coffee as being a last resort to help a bowel movement, otherwise, consider making this adjustment and watch your digestive system become happier by the day.
  • Lastly, here it is, do not laugh, because I used to have one back home in the states! Behold the "squatty potty" (google it, get it on amazon)!!! Resting your feet on a small stool helps elevated your body and realigns your digestive system the way we were autonomically meant to use the restroom. Eastern culture does this for a reason. It helps your body fully eliminate. TRUST ME. 

To summarize, "gut healing/health" is a term I use often and for good reason. Gut healing at its core basically describes a pretty specific protocol from a "diet and lifestyle" perspective to help improve digestive issues we can experience due to an unhappy tummy (bloating, diarrhea, constipation, intolerances, and a plethora of other health issues) that our body is trying to talk to us about. 

Do not forget ladies and gentleman, our outward appearances start with and reflect our inward appearance. AND because we cannot physically see day to day what our insides look like, it is that much more important to LOOK AT what our body is telling us from inward via bowel movements.

I LOVE to geek out about this subject, so if you have any questions PLEASE let me know either immediately or we can chat in our next face to face! <3 Have a fantastic week everyone! 

- Brooke Lyon

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