Motivational Monday's (3/4/19) What about supplements?

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Motivational Monday's (3/4/19) What about supplements?

Buen dia my strong strong friends! 

Diving in right away to a topic I get asked about CONSTANTLY. What about supplements? What should I be taking? Should I be taking this or that? I want you to stop and think about the word "supplement" for a moment. What does it mean? It means that you are supplementing something into your diet that either A) Your body does not produce on its own or B) You are not getting enough of it via your current diet. Let's be real, the majority of the time most people are simply not eating enough VARIETY of the whole foods they need in their diet to get what they are lacking. Iron, calcium, potassium, fiber, zinc, selenium, folic acid, Vitamins, A, C, D & all the necessary B vitamins, etc. Unless you are suffering from a medically diagnosed gastrointestinal conditions (ex. celiac disease, crohn's, cystic fibrosis etc.)  causing your malabsorption you should be able to "supplement" all of the areas you are lacking NATURALLY. And do not be mistaken, this also includes the ever so popular protein powders! Always always ALWAYS assess your diet first BEFORE rushing off to the pharmacy or health food store to pick up something you may not need. 

Now that being said, I am not knocking all supplements. Once your diet has been properly assessed and you no longer have anything lacking in terms of variety, quality and quantity. I do believe that some supplements have their time and place in an individual's diet, depending on their goals, lifestyle and current health markers. I assess with each client individually to discuss if I personally feel that they would benefit from incorporating something more into their diet or NOT depending on the previously stated and more importantly, WHY.  


I do also want to say that I applaud those of you who are trying to get vitamins and minerals into your diet, as this likely means you’re very health-conscious and thoughtfully considering your food choices. It is however a good thing that our body is a lot smarter than we are. It tries very hard to keep us in a steady state of health (homeostasis). When we try to knock it out of homeostasis, it knocks back much harder and revolts. Along these lines, it has been programmed for millions of years to run on certain foods and when we don’t give it those foods, it gets angry. Diseases tends to follow. We have eaten plants, animals, and fish for millions of years, and our bodies have adjusted to consume these same foods as our primary sources of macro and micro nutrients . 

Below you will find just a few of MANY whole foods based examples that I can provide in terms of ways to make sure you are getting the appropriate vitamins and minerals your body so deeply craves WITHOUT the use of the pills and powders! 

Question that multivitamin, and eat some kale which provides:
1. 206% daily value (DV) vitamin A
2. 134% DV vitamin C
3. 684% DV vitamin K
4. 26% DV manganese
5. 90.5 mg calcium
6. 22.8 mg magnesium
7. 19.4 mcg folate

8. 299 mg potassium

Low in iron? Eat high quality, grass-fed/finished, red meat which provides:
1. 86% DV of niacin
2. 78% DV vitamin B6
3. 45% DV vitamin B12
4. 97% DV selenium
5. 67% DV zinc
6. 52% DV phsophorous

7. 22% iron

Piles of daily random, misc. vitamins? Eat cage free, pasture raised eggs for:
1. 21% DV vitamin D
2. 68& DV riboflavin
3. 29% DV folate
4. 46% phosphorous
5. 52% vitamin B12
6. 35% DV pantothenic acid
7. 110% selenium
Wild salmon (not farmed!) contains:
1. 4 g omega 3 fatty acids
2. 78% DV niacin
3. 105% DV vitamin B12
4. 103% selenium
5. 44% riboflavin

6. 30% thiamin

The evidence is here and it’s abundant! Nutrient-dense foods like green-leafy vegetables and healthy meat sources are here for the win and here to stay. Eat the foods nature has supplied us with to be healthy. Don’t rely on the elements your body needs to survive and thrive from a bottle sitting in a fluorescent 24-hour grocery store aisle. Get it from mother nature herself. <3 Long story short, follow her lead: give your Ferrari (i.e. your body) the best fuel possible, and enjoy a long, healthy ride. I love you all! Smile, laugh & love yourself and others! 

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