Motivational Monday's (3/18/19) FOOD PREP!

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Motivational Monday's (3/18/19) FOOD PREP!

Happy Monday all! 

Today my friends, I want to talk about something I get a lot of eye rolls about but guess what, I do not care, it needs to be preached and OFTEN. And that is, get ready for it, FOOD PREP! No matter what anyone says, being ready for the busy week ahead of you, by being prepared with your food is just about the most important thing there is when it comes to achieving your optimal health, athletic, aesthetic & over all "goals" (whatever they may be)

If you are like the majority of us and live by a chaotic schedule that has you running from here to there all day long than this is for you, YES YOU! Are you always are telling yourself "I do not have "time" to think about food" or "I do not have "time" to cook my meals during the day". Well guess what? Food preparation for you is essential and down right necessary! Blocking that precious time off on Sunday or Monday or whenever it makes sense for YOU to do it, do it. You will not regret the time that it saves you during the week, when you do not have TIME to think about cooking or preparing your meals/snacks. 

Guys/gals, we have to eat, that is just the way it goes, and if you are truly serious about your goals, health, wellness.and longevity, you will take ownership in making it happen, no matter what! 

Now that I have your complete and undivided attention... food preparation IS important and it DOES take effort on your end (which it should, as I love to say, "nothing worth having ever comes EASY"). However, that does not mean it needs to be this overly daunting, exhaustive, elaborate recipe building task you have to do every week (unless you have the TIME for that, but by the looks of it, none of you do) SSSSOOOOO I am going to assume most of you would be interested in learning my favorite ways to make food prep as painless as possible?! Yes? Fantastic, lets do this! 

My personal, number 1 rule is..... KEEP. THINGS. SIMPLE. Like I mentioned above, there is NO need to over complicate this. The simpler you can keep the meals/foods, the less likely you will get overwhelmed, throw your hands up in the air and say FUCK it. (True Story).  

Some pre-prep things I like to do to keep things simple & easy for ME are the following. First, I go through in my head, what I want to eat for the upcoming week. Then I write the ingredients that I need in my iphone before going to the grocery store. This makes things easy for when you are at the store, no list....all hell could break loose. DO IT. Once that is done, I get home and get to cooking! 

Here are a couple prep strategies that you can use to figure out how YOU are going to prep and cook for the week! Remember, you DO NOT need to prep full meals. Small steps like cooking a batch of rice, chopping some veggies, or tossing some chicken in the slow cooker are going to help you out BIG TIME during the work week, I promise. You can pick one (or more than one) that works for you and run with that. These are just ideas, and you don’t have to use all of these strategies!

1. Buffet style - a lot of people enjoy prepping their veggies, protein and carbs ahead, then using them for easy meals. This is great for tacos, salads and that sort of thing. You can also prep a big portion of protein and use that as a base for several meals through the week.

Some ideas:
  • chop or spiralize your veggies
  • roast up vegetables or potatoes in some seasoning (here are 7 spice blends you can use!)
  • shake together dressings, sauces, etc
  • cook up grains, pasta, quinoa
2. Batch cooking - cook up a big batch of something and enjoy it through the week.
Some ideas:
  • soups, stews
  • cook a whole chicken
  • cook a big batch of chicken in the slow cooker
  • cook up some perfect black beans or legumes in the Instant Pot
3. Portion things out- whether it is an entire meal or just a component, portioning out is one of the most important steps of meal prep because it means you can just grab your meal and go.
Some ideas:
  • nuts/seeds mix
  • hummus or dip portions, with veggies for dipping
  • overnight oats

4. Assemble ingredients but don’t cook- this is typically done if you have time to cook certain meals at home but do not want to have to think about "what to eat" or "having to prepare it". By assembling your meals ahead, when it comes time to cook, you simply need to dump them in the slow cooker or stove top, and press the button and go!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen! It does not need to be rocket science or extremely labor intensive. It can actually be a self serving, empowering and fulfilling learning experience if you put yourself in the right mindset! That is what its all about! I like to crank up the music and have fun when I’m prepping. And it doesn’t hurt to bribe yourself with a fresh brewed coffee, a nice glass of red wine or a bit of chocolate, am I right? ;) It does take effort, time and commitment, but if you body is worth it to you, you will make the time and put in the effort to make it happen for yourself and your loved ones. 

You've got this! You really do! The benefits of meal prep are so worth the effort. You will save yourself time and money. You will feel less stress. You will eat healthier. Just remember me and this message if you start to feel the resistance..... (you know, the one that tells you you’d rather watch Netflix and chill).


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