Motivational Monday's - MUST TRY recipe

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Motivational Monday's - MUST TRY recipe

Happy Monday lovelies! 

I have not provided you all with a MUST TRY recipe in a while now! Lately, I have really been into cold, crispy, refreshing foods. Not sure if its due to "summer" being upon me, even though it’s always summer in PR?? Either way, I am into this and I think you guys will be too! Feel free and eat this like a snack OR it could easily be a "light" breakfast option! Quick and easy with quality protein, healthy fats and fibrous veggies, the perfect blend of deliciousness for your macros and micros! 

Food prep alert! This is the perfect time to use those hard-boiled eggs made during food prep yesterday! Right coach? Right! 😉 Sliced cucumbers topped with “quality” homemade or store-bought hummus, sliced hard-boiled eggs then topped with fresh dill! EASY!!! Now, it just would not be me if I did not break down WHY this recipe is such a "MICRO" nutrient powerhouse!

Dill, Hummus, Hard Boiled Egg, Cucumber Slices (creative name, I know)

Cucumber and Dill are really the true stars of the show in this recipe! Cucumber contains unique antioxidants and polyphenols that have been studied for their effects on reducing anti-microbial properties, and inflammation. As with most fruits and vegetables, cucumbers contain great amounts of fiber which help our digestive system moving, keeps us fuller for a longer period of time, and releases a steady flow of energy into our bodies. WIN! The flavonoids found in the essential oil of the dill are stimulating and emmenagogic, meaning that they will stimulate the secretion of some hormones that will help in maintaining & promoting a healthy menstrual cycle within women. The B complex vitamins as well as the flavonoids can activate the secretion of some enzymes and hormones which will have both calming and even hypnotic effects, thus helping people get a good night of sleep. Steady hormonal flow & sleep cycle?! Another WIN!

Ø  2-3 hardboiled eggs, sliced

Ø  1 cucumber, sliced

Ø  Fresh dill

Ø  Hummus — garlic flavored recommended (homemade or store-bought, READ INGREDIENTS)

Ø  Sea salt and black pepper to taste

How to? Sliced cucumber, hummus, sliced hard-boiled egg, fresh dill, sea salt and pepper. BOOM!

Let me know if you guys try these and what you think?! You won’t regret it, I promise! Think about it, no REAL cooking is required here either, time saver, another WIN! Have a fantastic week everyone!

Coach B

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