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  • Nighttime Routines

    Nighttime Routines

    Nighttime Routines By Henry Toraño In recent years we’ve undoubtedly seen a growing awareness for the benefits of sleep and how much of an impact it has on growth, physical performance, cognitive function, vitality, short and overall health in prevention of chronic disease. There’s plenty of science to back this up as far as the mechanisms that are unchained while we sleep and how those work to promote optimal physiological function. To better understand some of these processes you can read one of our previous blog posts on sleep cycles . While this may all make a ton of sense and have scientific data to back up a lot of these points, many still find ....

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  • How About a Detox?

    How About a Detox?

    How About a Detox? By Henry Toraño A fairly popular topic in the fitness scene is that of implementing detoxification, or detox protocols to kick start or accelerate the effects of a nutrition plan. This comes up so frequently, it’s no wonder Facebook and Instagram continuously push different alternatives into our feeds. Of course, there’s no shortage of companies ready to prey on this demand by offering countless ways to satisfy it. But before you go out to buy a supplement stack, a box of juices, or get ready to nearly starve yourself for days, it may be useful that you learn the truth about the impact (or lack thereof) that can be realistically expected. ....

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  • Breaking Down Caffeine Intake

    Breaking Down Caffeine Intake

    Breaking Down Caffeine Intake By Henry Toraño If you’re anything like me, every morning you’re looking forward to that cup of coffee. Even before you take that first sip, you’re already getting all sorts of signaling towards the start of another day by the smell and even the sound of brewing. Actually, if you’re anything like most humans you enjoy or at least consume a daily dose of caffeine. It is estimated that 90% of the world’s population consumes the naturally occurring drug. This is where we begin to get conflictive opinions on whether or not we should be taking the substance. As in most cases, there’s two camps. One that raves ....

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  • Sleep Cycles & What You Should Know About Them - By Henry Toraño

    Sleep Cycles & What You Should Know About Them - By Henry Toraño

    There’s few things more natural than sleeping. We knew how to sleep the day we were born. In all but very few cases, we’ve done it virtually every single day of our lives. Most humans spend nearly two thirds of their lives sleeping. What’s mind boggling is that with all this practice, most of us are terrible at it. There seems to be an ongoing conflict between science insisting on how important sleep is versus societal pressure to get things accomplished. It gets to the point where people get shamed into thinking that sleeping is a habit of the lazy. In the past, we may have not had enough information to go on. But nowadays there’s a great wealth of information ....

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  • Fitness after COVID-19 - By Henry Toraño

    Fitness after COVID-19 - By Henry Toraño

    As I’m writing this it’s 6:00 am on a Friday morning. Yesterday, our governor announced the reopening of gyms and considerably less restrictive conditions on her executive order. While I have an insane amount of work to do this weekend in setting the gym up for Monday, I’ve been simultaneously reflecting on a lot of the things that have happened during this process. The past 90 days have been insane. So much to process. Conflicting information, so much uncertainty, a day to day rollercoaster of emotions. I can’t help but think what fitness has meant in a general perspective (for myself and clients alike) and how that has changed for what I believe to ....

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  • Motivation vs Inspiration in Fitness - By Henry Toraño

    Motivation vs Inspiration in Fitness - By Henry Toraño

    Motivation vs Inspiration in Fitness By Henry Toraño One of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked from clients and non-clients alike has to do with finding the drive to be consistent with training and nutrition. This is usually within the context of recent experience or bouts with lack of understanding what it is that they are working towards. I’ve found that very commonly this feeling is misinterpreted with lack of a clear cut goal. I say this is a misinterpretation because I believe it goes a little deeper. Goals are destinations, milestones, places that allow delineation of a path that leads to it. They provide measurability in that ....

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  • Intent in Fitness- By Henry Toraño

    Intent in Fitness- By Henry Toraño

    Intent in Fitness By Henry Toraño If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over my career in fitness it’s how closely mind and body work. The relationship between the two show up every day as I write programs, set up nutrition guidelines, or consult with my clients. The very first step that I take before I get into any of these three is to put myself in the context of the situation. To be able to perform my job well I need to put myself in my clients’ shoes. What’s her training age? Has she been in a hot streak at the gym recently or in a little bit of a rut? Is she compliant in all three facets of fitness (training, nutrition, lifestyle)? ....

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  • Heart Rate Training - By Henry Toraño

    Heart Rate Training - By Henry Toraño

    Heart Rate Training By Henry Toraño Heart rate training is by no means a new concept. We’ve seen it in the endurance world for decades. It even made its way into mainstream fitness. Nowadays, you can see people of all fitness levels wearing a chest strap or monitoring via a wrist wearable device such as Fitbit and Whoop, amongst others. As the fitness scene has evolved in recent years towards functional training, there has been a little confusion about why we’re not applying heart rate training in these modalities. It’s not for lack of trying, as I frequently see people questioning the principles or attempting to implement. So, let’s look at the ....

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  • Do We Really Need to Eat Vegetables?

    Do We Really Need to Eat Vegetables?

    Do We Really Need to Eat Vegetables? By Henry Toraño Seems like every week we hear of a new, “revolutionary” diet that is guaranteed to finally provide the results that you’ve always wanted. Being in the fitness industry, it’s part of my job to actually pay attention to this and see what the craze is about. The takeaway is usually a mix between a certain level of validity but mostly disappointment to realize that is just another spin on previous concepts. At the end of the day, nothing has EVER changed as far as what foods should be included in our diets. To that, you can layer other factors such as quantity and perhaps timing depending on individual ....

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  • Bursting the HIIT Bubble

    Bursting the HIIT Bubble

    Bursting the HIIT Bubble By Henry Toraño It’s one of the more trendy concepts in the fitness scene. Surprisingly, it’s stuck for a good number of years. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT as it’s more commonly referred to has been highly touted as a good way to get fit fast. There has been several companies that have been built around this concept, such as F45 and Orange Theory. It’s all based on the idea that at slower speeds you get slow results, but, if you speed things up, work harder for periods of time, you get faster results. Well, there’s several things that are wrong in this though process and I’m going to clear some of it up so ....

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